20 magnifiques inspirations NAIL ART pour le printemps !

Enfin le printemps est la, pour notre plus grand plaisir !

Alors pour être belle jusqu’au bout des ongles, nous vous avons fait une sélection de 20 magnifiques NAIL ART absolument parfaits pour le printemps !

Inspirez vous les filles !

Go for a graphic white and black design for the chic factor, add the grape-colored accents for a playful dash of color.
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You know what they say — a little glitter goes a long way. Bonus: This look doesn't need to be absolutely perfect, so if you don't have a totally steady hand, you can still achieve wonderful results.
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Marble nail art may seem tricky, but if you follow this three-step tutorial, it's surprisingly simple! All you need: two contrasting colors, a dotting tool, and a little patience.

If a five-carat ring isn't in your budget, why not opt for diamonds on your nails instead? This geometric design is the perfect way to wear three colors at once.
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You've never seen neon — or French tips — quite like this before. Just a thin, delicate stroke of a fluorescent orange makes for a totally new, fresh spring look.
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