20 magnifiques inspirations NAIL ART pour le printemps !

Enfin le printemps est la, pour notre plus grand plaisir !

Alors pour être belle jusqu’au bout des ongles, nous vous avons fait une sélection de 20 magnifiques NAIL ART absolument parfaits pour le printemps !

Inspirez vous les filles !

Go for a graphic white and black design for the chic factor, add the grape-colored accents for a playful dash of color.
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You know what they say — a little glitter goes a long way. Bonus: This look doesn't need to be absolutely perfect, so if you don't have a totally steady hand, you can still achieve wonderful results.
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Marble nail art may seem tricky, but if you follow this three-step tutorial, it's surprisingly simple! All you need: two contrasting colors, a dotting tool, and a little patience.

If a five-carat ring isn't in your budget, why not opt for diamonds on your nails instead? This geometric design is the perfect way to wear three colors at once.
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You've never seen neon — or French tips — quite like this before. Just a thin, delicate stroke of a fluorescent orange makes for a totally new, fresh spring look.
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What's more spring-appropriate than floral nail art? Try your hand at a lovely lavender design that turns your fingertips into tiny works of art.
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Sometimes the coolest designs are the simplest. Take this two-color split that not only makes your nails look longer, it's also so easy to do. Plus, you get to pick double the spring shades to show off.
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This dividing design is a pretty way to wear three of the season's best shades: rosy pink, periwinkle blue, and rich turquoise.
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Play with the negative space in your nail art by striping a few shades of polish diagonally across your nails from one corner to the other.
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This elegant mani couldn't be easier. Just apply one strip of striping tape per nail, paint two coats of a bold spring shade on top, and wait 'til it dries. Voilà! You've got a gorgeous glam look on your hands.
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Give your nails the gold treatment by painting a thin line of metallic polish around the base of your nails, following their natural shape. Then apply a soft pastel shade in the same shape just a few millimeters higher. Note: This look is best for long nails, as it can make your nail beds appear a little shorter.
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Polka dots are always a fave for spring fashion, but there's something totally unique about this bold manicure that layers dots in several shades of purple, creating an almost bubbly, 3D effect.

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That's right: braids aren't just for your hair anymore. This overlapping design gives your nails a 3-D look while also giving them the illusion of being longer and slimmer.
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Just because it's not Christmas time doesn't mean you have to put away your red and green polishes — you can still pull 'em out for this pretty poppy look!
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Spice up your typical pastel mani with a marbled accent nail. Keeping it in neutral shades prevents this look from going over the top.
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Why choose just one shade of pink when you can use a bunch? The pastel shades of this pretty look make it a classic pick for spring, while the geometric design keeps it modern.
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Bring a sunny disposition to your fingertips with these fun, squiggly lines of warm yellow polish.
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This funky nail art might be different than what you typically go for, but the negative space and simple design make it a totally modern, adult way to wear fun colors.
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An eye-catching neon manicure gets even cooler when you add a leafy accent nail and a swipe of metallic polish.
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When you think "neon," the word "delicate" doesn't typically come to mind. But because these two bright shades are so close together, the geometric design down the middle is surprisingly subtle. The next time you want to swap out your typical neutrals for something more fun, try this bold idea.
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20 magnifiques inspirations NAIL ART pour le printemps !

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